Automatic Ice Bagger by ISP

 KOLD-DRAFT ice is made with our time-proven ice-making technology. Our exclusive horizontal water plate and evaporator system results in perfectly pure, perfectly shaped, slower-melting ice, a difference that customers will notice. And slower melting means clumping is a thing of the past. Commercial ice machine capacities range from 450 lbs per 24 hours (45 bags) to 1,500 lbs per 24 hours (150 bags).


Our revolutionary ice-bagging system by ISB has the capacity to fill and heat-seal up to 360 10-lb bags per day, every day. Finished ice drops into the bagger, where it’s automatically filled and sealed in 10-lb bags.
Bags can be easily reloaded in the machine by store personnel. That’s it. No more waiting for delivery trucks, no more torn bags, no more disrupting store traffic while the ice machine is loaded.
Bags can be printed with your store logo or brand.

 Choose your size. Ice merchandisers with a see-through door come in 4-, 6-, or 8-foot sizes to chill and hold the right number of bags for your customers’ needs every day — and on weekends, party days, and holidays.